The Youngest Bitcoin Billionaire of 2020

Erik Finman is now the world’s youngest Bitcoin billionaire with an almost fairy tale-like story behind his success. This 19-year old is a jetsetter and pictures of his lavish lifestyle have thronged his Instagram feed. This teenager had received Bitcoins when he was only a 12-year old boy as a gift from his grandmother.

This money was meant for his scholarship fund which he chose to invest in buying 100 Bitcoins at that time. The coins then were worth $10-$12 and he spent every day since then day-trading Bitcoins. He continued to engage in day-trading for the next 3 years along with attending school. When he turned 15, he sold $100,000 BTC; he dropped out of school and established an educational start-up.

Finman says that his presence on social media platforms is meant to get more and more people to look at him and pay attention to his ideas. He is hopeful that this will help to interest people in real world-changing projects which he wishes to implement. He had first fallen in love with the concept of cryptocurrencies when his brother made him attend the Occupy Wall protest. His personal school life was not pleasant and this is why he sought to establish an educational start-up called Botangle. This was meant to help students get in touch with appropriate tutors through video chatting.

In spite of having tasted success in this business, his parents tried to make him complete school but he dropped out when he won a bet against them saying that they would not force him to do college if you could make a million before he turned 18. In 2015 Finman sold off the technology of the Botangle and the buyer was ready to offer him 300 Bitcoins in exchange or $100,000 as cash. He chose Bitcoins, although the prices had dipped at that time. But, soon enough, prices soared and there was no looking back for Finman. Today he has about 401 Bitcoins and each is worth $6500. The rise is due to the innovative apps like bitcoin up app which help the young novice traders to trade like a pro.

His mother was working with the NASA and the interest in space technology seems to have been transferred to Finman too. He is involved in a project with the NASA to launch satellites having digital time capsules into the space. This project is to pay tribute to the Voyager launch that happened four decade ago. This had carried the “Golden Record” containing many images and music from the Earth that had been curated by none other than Carl Sagan, and he wishes to do a repeat of this.

Besides the lofty project of sending a satellite into the space, Erik Finman is engaged in other projects too. He has recently built a robot drawing inspiration of the contraption worn by Spiderman’s Doctor Octopus. This is meant to aid a 10-year old with mobility problems. This child is his mentor’s son and had wanted a suit like this to solve his problem. Finman is also working on introducing disruptive technologies in education and building a physical school, but all this is still in a nascent stage.