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Prometheus is a decentralized global blockchain-based supercomputer, a global computing power fueled by thousands of ordinary computers all over the world and accessible to every user.

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Turn the computing power of your computer into a stable source of income!

Solve the most complex tasks by hundreds and thousands of times faster! Prometheus dramatically accelerates the solution of ordinary tasks, allowing you to beat the competition. Computing power can be used to solve tasks of any importance by individuals and companies.

Optimize the usage of your computing power and get a stable source of passive income. The power of your PC is your source of income!

Global supercomputer reduces the damage to the environment caused by irrational power use. The benefits of optimal targeted use of computing power on a global scale cannot be overestimated.

The amount of the provided computing power is proportional to the remuneration, which means powerful computers receive a higher return on investments. At the same time, owners of both powerful and low-powered PCs are equally interested in participating in the global computing network.

A supercomputer cannot compromise the network since the system relies on internal compliance with integrity, which takes about 1% of the total computing power and is carried out for all computing nodes. Thus, if being connected, the supercomputer would provide only growth of remuneration proportional to its computing power and would be unprofitable.

Broad opportunities provided to system participants, by-sector payments, and protection from overloads through prioritizing the task processing ensure steady systematic growth of the Prometheus network at the initial stage and further.

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Development Phases

Phase I

Prometheus Blockchain Launch

Basic blockchain launch without additional elements to increase the number of main developers and speed up work

Phase II


Finalizing individual parts by additional experts. Coordination of professionals in the closed part of the GitHub account with the subsequent code release to the public for testing within testnet.

Phase III


Successful testing within testnet will be followed by a fork that switches the network to mainnet supporting distributed computing. At the same time, the testnet part of the network along with coins will remain valid and will not differ from the new ones


Extra Rewards to Masternodes Owners

Regular masternodes and gate masternodes
(available after mainnet launch) ensure better network connectivity and availability of computing power of nodes that do not have direct access (real open external IP addresses), as well as coordinate and distribute the performed computing tasks and gates through which users willing to gain access to the computing power will be able to upload their tasks.

  • Masternode Installation Guides

  • Wallets

    Use the wallet compatible with your operating system and suitable for your tasks

  • Wallet 1.0

    Wallet 1.0 is a basic wallet without the ability to provide computing power. Wallet 1.0 is the main wallet until mainnet.

  • Wallet 2.0

    Wallet 2.0 is a wallet with the ability to provide computing power. Wallet 2.0 will be available after the mainnet launch.

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Light Wallet

Light wallet is a simple mobile wallet that will be released along with the mainnet launch and will not provide additional functions of gates or computing power provision as these are meaningless for low-power devices like smartphones and tablets.

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Coin Economics: Price Stability and Growth


The focal point is computing power providers and renters who either provide the computing power and get fair remuneration or rent it by paying exclusively for the required amount of computer power.


Certain percentage* of the amount of each order will be burned (locked on a special address which no possibility for further transactions).


Certain percentage* of the amount of each order will be credited to the development fund to ensure the project maintenance and development.


The minimum task price will be calculated using the formula that will be created at the testnet stage and take into account the total system capacity, number of coins, coin price, system load, and other parameters that may be added at the testnet stage.

*The burn percentage and the formula for calculating the minimum task price can change dynamically to stabilize the exchange rate and maintain the balance between the coin price and the availability of computing resources.

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Charity Mission


Based on the idea of a better distribution of computing power, Prometheus will have about 10% of the total capacity of the system allocated to support social projects that are not able to pay for the computing power of a supercomputer.

Representatives of any socially significant project will be able to apply for obtaining the appropriate computing power through a special portal where masternode owners will choose specific projects by voting. Selected projects will use the allocated computing power and make our world a better place.

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Road Map

Timeline With key events

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    Q1 2019

    Idea Emergence, Research of Existing Solutions, Competitor Analysis

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    Q2 2019

    Basic Whitepaper, Phasing the Development Process, Roadmap Creation, Project Launch, 1.0 Windows/Linux/Mac Wallets

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    Q3 2019

    Android, Raspberry Pi, IOS Wallets Release, Hiring of Third-Party Staff and Preparation for the Testnet Launch

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    Q4 2019

    Technical Whitepaper Covering Testnet and Mainnet, Finalizing Separate Parts of the Network by Additional Professionals, Launch of a Separate Testnet Chain for Public Testing

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    Q1 2020

    Identification and Fixing Errors in Testnet Operation, Mainnet Launch by Forking the Root Blockchain, Gate MasternodesLaunch, Wallet 2.0 Release, Whitepaper 2.0

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    Q1 2019

    SWOT Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Development and Approval of a Marketing Plan

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    Q2 2019

    Social Media Promotion (Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Medium, Reddit) & Bounties to Attract Audiences and Improve the Outreach, Advertising on Specialized Platforms, Listing on the First Exchange, Listing on Crypto Tracking Platforms

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    Q3 2019

    Listing on Two New Exchanges and Popular Cryptocurrency Monitoring Websites

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    Q4 2019

    Promotions & Incentives to First Testnet Users, Targeted Marketing Campaign Dedicated to the Testnet Launch, Listing on an Exchange

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    Q1 2020

    Promotions & Incentives to First Mainnet Users, Aggressive Advertising Campaign Dedicated to a Fully Working Product, Charity Mission Launch, Partnerships & Collaborations with Specialized Projects to Increase the Brand Awareness


Technical Data

Block Time
59 sec
Total Supply
59 000 000
Min POS amount
Stake Min Age
60 min
P2P port
RPC port
Blocks Block Reward MN% Stakers % MN Stakers
2-21600 1 50 50 0,5 0,5
21601-26640 1,1 50 50 0,55 0,55
26641-31680 1,2 55 45 0,66 0,54
31681-36720 1,3 60 40 0,78 0,52
36721-41760 1,4 65 35 0,91 0,49
41761-46800 1,5 70 30 1,05 0,45
46801-51840 1,6 75 25 1,2 0,4
51841-56880 1,7 80 20 1,36 0,34
56881-61920 1,8 85 15 1,83 0,27
61921-66960 1,9 90 10 1,71 0,19
66961-72000 2 95 5 1,9 0,1
72001-77040 1,8 92,5 7,5 1,665 0,135
77041-82080 1,6 90 10 1,44 0,16
82081-99360 1,4 87,5 12,5 1,225 0,175
99361-120960 1,2 85 15 1,02 0,18
120961-146880 1 82,5 17,5 0,825 0,175
146881-177120 0,8 80 20 0,64 0,16
177121 > * 0,59* 76* 19* 0,4484* 0,1121*

After block 177121 part of the reward is distributed to developers. Developers reward is 5%

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Basic Team

Leonel Donaldson

CEO, Founder

Vast experience in blockchain development and e-commerce and understanding of management strategies for specific blockchain companies allow Leonel to be a bright leader and motivate the team to achieve the desired result.

Richard Randall

CTO, Chief Developer

Strong background in app development and database architectures. Richard is in charge of developing new products and performance optimization. Richard ensures the effective use and distribution of the company's resources and turns the project execution into a controlled process with predictable results.

Dylan Chase


Dylan is a full-stack developer with experience in creating digital technologies from scratch. He also took part in developing technological concepts of blockchain products. Having a solid background in data encryption and safety, Dylan pays special attention to cybersecurity.

Kenyon Sheppard

Marketer, Community Manager

Kenyon has experience in creating markets for new digital projects, including blockchain. He is responsible for marketing, including the development of marketing strategies and expansion to new markets, establishing partnerships, reviewing proposals and making decisions on them. Kenyon is a multitasking professional, which allows him to perform marketing tasks and be a community manager, providing users with timely and accurate information regarding the current status and updates of the Prometheus network.

Leila Church

Community Manager

Leila quickly and accurately analyzes the state of the community and correspondingly adjusts the behavior strategy. She perfectly plans and carries out community work, maintaining the connection between the community and the team of developers.

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The maximum computing power equals the sum of powers of all computers connected to the network excluding 1-2% required to ensure the system stability. The value of the maximum available computing power is always floating and enough to complete the most complex calculations.

The provision of computing power will be made directly through a special field in the 2.0 wallet (available after mainnet) by specifying the percentage of power that you want to provide.

The rent of computing power will also be made through 2.0 wallet, where you will be able to download your task and source data, or provide source data according to the API in case the the amount of data is too large (then gate masternodes will ensure data upload/download according to the protocol). The task code will have to be provided in the form of a file uploaded through the wallet, which in turn parses the code for correctness and absence of obvious errors and then uploads it for execution with pre-compilation into an intermediate executable code that improve the performance of the computational task and eliminate errors in the source code.

You can provide/rent any amount of computing power. The amount of remuneration, as well as the payment for rented capacity, is proportional to the value of the delivered/rented capacity.

The reward will be proportional to the amount of provided computing power. The specific mechanism for determining remuneration, as well as specific figures, will be determined after the launch of mainnet.

Yes, you can make profits without providing the power of your PC by staking or installing masternodes. Regular rewards for staking/masternodes are on the website.

1.0 wallet is the main wallet of users without the possibility of providing computing power. 1.0 wallet will remain the main wallet until the mainnet launch.

2.0 Wallet will be released after the mainnet launch and allow any user (even if one doesn’t run masternodes) to provide/rent computing power.

Light wallet is a simple mobile wallet for smartphones and tablets. It will be released along with the mainnet launch and will not provide additional functions (like gates or computing power provision) as these are meaningless for low-power devices.

Gate masternodes are masternodes that distribute data between computing nodes and receive additional remuneration.

Regular masternodes are masternodes that do not perform data distribution and receive standard rewards according to the reward table on the website.

Testnet is a separate parallel blockchain for system testing. Testnet does not affect the operation of the main blockchain and is used first by developers only and then by users for testing and debugging. Testnet will be launched in Q3 2019 to ensure an error-free transition to mainnet.

Mainnet is the main network supporting the full functionality of Prometheus. The transition to mainnet is made by forking the main blockchain. The fork will happen after all the testing and debugging is completed on testnet.

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